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Semantic Web

Modeling SKOS Terminologies


Not working: ETI sample data (in-wiki), ETI SDD full screen

Quick links

New Wiki setup

All virtual hosts have a forwarding index.html. Enumeratio, Scholz, SmutBase no longer installed, better integrated into a phytomed or other wiki.


See NaviKey

Uncompleted work

Image uploading and handling

The real images are behind a special folder distribution mechanism, based on a MD5 hash of the filename. For an image example.jpg, Both Media:example.jpg, File:example.jpg, and Image:example.jpg (obsolete) will return the metadata page, not the image itself. DOES THE WIKI has no native mechanism for a short URL to the image itself?

Mediawiki has an internal function that provides this: {{filepath:file name}}. However, the issue is calling an image from outside (Navikey, IBIS-ID) by name...

Perhaps create a small extension that does this? In PHP inside mediawiki, the following may work:

  $url = wfFindFile(Title::makeTitle(NS_IMAGE, $fileName))->getURL();

Image uploading:

Encoding problem with non-ASCII svg file names

Scalable vector graphics are rendered by rsvg (version 2.22.2 librsvg2-2, librsvg2-bin) but it cannot handle utf8 characters, so German umlauts cannot be used:

  cd ~/temp
  rsvg /var/www/v-species/o/media/e/e1/Blätter_schematisch.svg \ 
→ Invalid byte sequence in conversion input

Version 2.26.0 on a OpenSuSe works fine. See also bug report on

A script was therefore written. You'll find it linked in MediaWikiCommonSettings.php. It translates in- and output files to a md5 hash and does the scaling in the openmedia cache folder. After it's done, it moves them back. when an update of rsvg is made, the script won't be necessary.

Ontology work and linked data

Testing Wikipage names