Flora page: Macadamia ternifolia F. Muell. (sensu Flora of Australia)

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Trans. & Proc. Philos. Inst. Vic. 2: 72 (1858)

  • Citation = in forests on the Pine River, Moreton Bay [Qld]
  • Specimen = Hill & Mueller s.n.
  • Herbarium = holo: MEL.
= Macadamia minor F.M.Bailey, Queensland Agric. J. 25: 11 (1910). T: Eumundi [Qld], Mr Ball s.n. ; holo: BRI.
= Macadamia lowii F.M.Bailey, Queensland Agric. J. 26: 127 (1911). T: Maroochie (Yandina) [Qld], J.A.Low s.n. ; holo: MEL.
= Macadamia ternifolia var. typica Domin, Biblioth. Bot. 89: 585 (1921), nom. inval.; Helicia ternifolia F.Muell., Fragm. 2: 91 (1860). T: in vallibus silvaticis ad sinum Moreton Bay [Qld], coll. unknown ; holo: MEL.

Illustration: T.D.Stanley & E.M.Ross, Fl. SE Queensland 2: 18, fig. 2D (1986).

Small multi-stemmed tree to 8 m tall. Adult leaves in whorls of 3; petiole 4–10 mm long; lamina narrowly ovate, 9–12.5 cm long, 2–3.5 cm wide, dull above, paler below, rigidly coriaceous, glabrous; base attenuate; margin somewhat undulate, antrorsely spinose; apex acute, mucronate; midrib prominent below, slightly sunken above. Conflorescence simple; rachis 5–18 cm long; bract oblong, 1–5 mm long. Tepals 6–8.5 mm long, pink. Filaments 4–7 mm long, adnate to tepals for 0.5–6 mm. Anthers 1–2 mm long. Ovary 0.4–1 mm long; style 5–10 mm long. Fruit 14–22 mm long, 13–22 mm wide; pericarp c. 1.5–3.5 mm thick. Seeds globose to broadly ovoid, c. 16 mm long, c. 12 mm wide; testa c. 1 mm thick, smooth. Fig. 181D–G.

Occurs from Pine River, north to Kin Kin, east-south-east of Gympie, Qld. Map 470.

Qld: 6 km W of Woombye, P.I.F.Forster 6205, L.H.Bird & A.R.Bean (BRI, NSW); Conondale Ra., western edge of Natl Park 477, A.R.Bean 2675 (BRI); Maroochy R., between Cooroy and Eumundi, L.S.Smith 5386 (BRI); Dulong Rd, Dulong, 7 km SW of Nambour, Sharpe 4891 & A.Moran (BRI); Leacys Ck, near Dayboro, 15 Aug. 1956, S.R.Stevens (BRI).

Data taken from the species entry in ABRS Flora of Australia Online, for illustration purposes only.

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