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Test of NaviKey

An interactive key using NaviKey.

This test uses the DELTA example dataset delivered with NaviKey5. All files are directly editable inside the Wiki, no special upload functionality is necessary.

Powered by: NaviKey. Do you have problems viewing the key? Try This.


  • Optional parameters are: height=600px, width=100%, align=center; the value shown will be used if the parameters are omitted.
  • Future parameters are: (in planning to avoid creating config.xml for each identification tool) are: DeltaChars=NameOfYourDeltaCharsPage, DeltaItems=NameOfYourDeltaItemsPage, DeltaSpecs=NameOfYourDeltaSpecsPage, DeltaTImages=NameOfYourDeltaTaxonImagesPage

The key uses DELTA data which reside in the following wiki pages:

Using the links above you can edit the files (or update by simply overwrite with updated content using the clipboard).

Technical notes: To access the content in raw data mode (e.g. for the config-file), use ../../MetaWiki/index.php?title=YOURPAGENAME&action=raw, where YOURPAGENAME is the page name (you cannot use short-url-paths like ../../meta/YOURPAGENAME&action=raw). See the content of the config.xml for an example (note that the Navikey config is an xml file, so that the the "&"-character must be escaped as "&"!).

  • For testing purposes, the key is also running in conventional Navikey mode (static file upload, without using the wiki) here.

Usage note: In the right lower part ("Resulting Items"), a right-click on a name gives you a list of links e.g to a DELTA HTML page, Google Images, Wikimedia Commons etc. related to that name.

Further simplification ideas

1. Config parameter defaults to a data-independent standard config file, the DELTA data files can be passed directly in parameters:

<IdentificationTool> tool=NaviKey5 DeltaChars=NameOfYourDeltaCharsPage DeltaItems=NameOfYourDeltaItemsPage DeltaSpecs=NameOfYourDeltaSpecsPage DeltaTImages=NameOfYourDeltaTaxonImagesPage </IdentificationTool>

2. All DELTA directives can be passed in fewer files:

<IdentificationTool> tool=NaviKey5 Delta1=NameOfPageWithAllDeltaData </IdentificationTool>

Optionally, multiple parts can be given, using parameters like "Delta2=NameOfSecondPart".

See for more information on raw. Problem: the result is always considered a php file and titled "index.php". The extension adds the ability to download portions and give a different filename.