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Browsing Searching Querying "What is this plant?"

  • Plant taxonomists
 Alpha taxonomy
  • Molecular biologists
 "What traits are associated with this sequence?"
 "What species have this trait?"
  • Ecologists
 "What species have this trait?"
 "What habitats are this species found in?"
 "Where is it found?"
 "What is found in this location?"
  • Tree people (phylogeneticists)
 Why does my tree look like this?
   "Build me the character matrix for all the species in my tree."
   Species distributions.
  • All other biologists
  • Border agents
  "What is this plant?"
  "Should this plant be allowed into Canada?"
  • Policy makers
 What legislation (or other regulations) pertain to this species?
 Does this legislation cover any species that I care about?  
  • Citizen scientists
 "What plants will I find in Algonquin Park in July." (check list production)
  • General public
 "Can I eat this?" 
  • Searchers for authoritative names
 "What is the current accepted name?"
 What are synonyms, vernacular names, etc.?