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What does the TitleKey extension do?

When you start typing into the search box the system provides below this box the names of the nearest matching names of pages which already exist. These "search suggestions" are a very useful tool and you can simply click on one of the search suggestions to jump to that page. However, except for the first letter these search suggestions are normally case sensitive. This means if you type "fed" you will get only the pages starting with "Fedora ..." and not those starting with "FEDORA ...". This is normally not wanted and the TitleKey extension makes the search suggestion case insensitive.


Installation of the TitleKey extension requires command line operations on the server. Use the following steps:

  • Change to the directory of the TitleKey extension for your wiki, e.g.
cd /var/www/metawiki/extensions/TitleKey/
  • Create the table "titlekey" using the titlekey.sql file (replace "metawiki" by the name of your wiki)
mysql -u root -p --database=metawiki < titlekey.sql

Use "-p" instead of entering the password, you will get a prompt for the password.

  • Check in mySQL if the table has been created.
  • Fill the table with the names of the pages which exist already using the rebuildTitleKeys.php file and by providing a link to the respective LocalSettings.php file as described in Mediawiki_installation#Maintenance_scripts, e.g.
php rebuildTitleKeys.php --conf /var/www/metawiki/LocalSettings.php
  • Check again in mySQL if the table has been filled.
  • Add the following 2 lines to the end of the LocalSettings.php file
$wgEnableMWSuggest = true;
  • Verify that the extension has been installed by opening the page Special:Version.
  • Test the appearance of the search suggestions.

Maintenance after Page Import

After importing pages it may be necessary to reindex all titles:

cd /var/www/virtual-wikipath; sudo -u www-data php ./extensions/TitleKey/rebuildTitleKeys.php --conf ./LocalSettings.php

Current Status

The TitleKey extension has been installed on this Meta Wiki and on the following wikis of the biowikifarm (March 2010):

  1. Test Wiki
  2. KeyToNature
  3. Offene-Naturführer.de
  4. species-id
  5. diversityworkbench
  6. LIAS glossary
  7. Pest Information Wiki
  8. phytomedizin wiki
  9. phytopathology.net
  10. Rosaceae.net