Secure FTP access

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Mounting/unmounting remote file system via sshfs

# create a local directory on a linux machine
 sudo mkdir -p /mnt/Biowikifarm
 # change username: ownership settings ?must be the same as on the remote system
 sudo chown yourusername-on-the-biowikifarm /mnt/Biowikifarm/
# mount the remote system; needs sshfs (ubuntu: apt-get install sshfs)
 sshfs -o follow_symlinks /mnt/Biowikifarm/
 # now you can browse and save from within your local computer
 # note that symlinks are displayed as folders, not as symlinks actually

# unmount the remote system on your local machine
 fusermount -u /mnt/Biowikifarm/

Note that any other user group on the wiki is not shown on your local computer, but just group ID-numbers. But you can create an identical user group on your local machine with the same group ID.

Secure terminal access via ssh

Use your preferred terminal and type:

# ssh
# now you are logged in on the server
exit # closes this session

Graphical User Interface

Under Linux for sftp you can simply use a file browser, e.g. konqueror or dolphin and type in the address path s and then browse as usual.