Possible enhancements for a new version of Fedora Ingestion Service

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Definition specs which are not implemented yet

  • Failure ingestion reload. If the ingest process have been interrupted, the ingest should be reload from this restart point, in order to avoid unnecessary re-ingest of a large amount of objects. This feature will be implemented the the third level of application development.
  • Failure in creation of thumbnails. If a digital resource is not any longer available, the current implementation simply skip it. It would be necessary to reconsider this feature and to implement a interactive management interface. See bellow.

Possible further enhancements

During the development, other possible enhancements highlights as following:

  • Using schema validation and schematron rules for input xml files;
  • Support for (see, e. g., MRTG Schema v0.8 as of 2009-09) and other schema in order to exchange metadata. A very simple XSLT-based transformation or other transformation will allow to import metadata from several sources;
  • Possibility to harvest other wiki, MediaWiki or Wikipedia, using DBPedia or other Semantic extensions;
  • Exposing Ingestion service as a RESTful based Web Service in order to expose a functionality for a single collection ingestion. This service will be used from other applications that need it.
  • Database working tasks management should be replaced by Mediawiki based task management;
  • A Garbage Collector Service having the mission to erase alive services which seems to not responding from a long period of time;
  • An administrative interface meant to easily accomplish admin services;
  • An interactive Mediawiki based report for Thumbnails Generator.
  • A MediaWiki Service Garbage Collector that are looking periodically in Mediawiki and triggers a clean up process in K2N Fedora Repository for collection which are not any longer available (have been removed) from MediaWiki.

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