K2N Digital Object Model in conformity with Fedora Content Model Architecture

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K2N compliant digital object model for Fedora Repository

Currently, three types of data objects are used:

  • Media Objects (i.e. images, videos, translations and transcriptions, audio files).
    • All metadata are expressed with relationships in the RELS-EXT datastream.
  • Provider Objects - a logical object for metadata providers;
  • Collection Objects :
    • real or virtual collection (aggregation).
    • Can be aggregated in another Collection Object.
    • The datastreams are used to retrieve all or subsets of members:
      • metadata for aggregation
      • rules specific to the collection

Possible relationships:

  • All metadata describing an object are part of RELS-EXT datastream. This way the further using of SPARQL, the Internet semantic query language, could be feasible.
    • K2N Media Object “isMemberOf” in many Collection Objects.
    • K2N Media Object have “service ProvidedBy” Provider Objects.
    • Collection Objects can be children of other Collection Objects, where appropriate.

K2N Digital Object model

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