Import of XML-Wiki-pages and media files (cronJob)

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TODO Documentation: An internal cronJob runs on the biowikifarm by scanning a shared dropbox folder xBiowikifarm. By scanning this folder it imports XML-wiki pages and mediafiles allowed to be uploaded (2013-03-15) and removes files after import from the import folder. It has the following folder structure:

└── OpenMedia/
    ├── file: define_server_path ← (plain text file) defines the wiki server path
    ├── 1_InactiveQueue/
    │   ├── Andreas Plank/
    │   ├── Gregor Hagedorn/
    │   │   └── Test/
    │   │       └── file.png
    │   └── ! This level defines the user name attributed in the import (not being touched by import script)
    └── 2_AutoMetadata/
        ├── Andreas Plank/
        ├── Gregor Hagedorn/     ← defines the import username
        │   └── Test/            ← category name is imported and deleted afterwards
                └── file.png                     is imported and deleted afterwards