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This page has been created to demonstrate the SemanticMW extension. It uses the data on some European countries entered under the Category:Countries. For more information on these countries see the respective Wikipedia pages:

Displaying data in a sortable wiki table

The following table has been automatically generated by SemanticMW. You can sort the countries in different ways by clicking on the small boxes at the beginning of the column headers. E.g. clicking on the box in front of "height" will sort the countries by the height of their highest mountain in ascending order, clicking on height again will revers this to a descending order:

 capitalland area (1000 km²)population (millions)highest mountainheight (m above SL)
CyprusNicosia9.30.8Mount Olympus1952
FranceParis54465.4Mont Blanc4808
ItalyRome30160.2Mont Blanc4808
SwitzerlandBern41.37.8Monte Rosa4634
United KingdomLondon24362Ben Nevis1343

Displaying data as a Google chart

The following chart uses the googlebar format which sends the data to Google to produce the chart.

Graphic comparison of the land areas from the above table:
Sort the table by land areas to obtain the same order and see the corresponding figures.

Additional features of the Semantic Result Formats extensions

In the following lines the bold figures are produced from the data entered under the Category:Countries, and will be automatically updated if these data change.

  • The total population of the countries listed in the above table is: 354.7 millions.
  • The average land area of the countries listed in the above table is: 173.19230769231 km².

See the page Journals for a demonstration of the 'outline' format of the Semantic Result Formats extensions.