Biowikifarm server hardware

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Overview over server hardware

  • Thomas-Krenn rack server, 1 height unit
  • 2x Intel Xeon Dual Core 5110 1,60GHz 4MB FSB1066
  • 8 GB RAM (8192 MB ECC Registered DDR2 667-RAM ATP FB-Dimm)
  • 4x 750 GB SATA hard disk = 3 TB total (750 GB SATA II WD Raid Edition II Green Power, hot swappable, 1 spare available)
  • RAID controller Areca ARC-1110 4x SATA (0,1,1E,3,5,6)
    • with Battery-Backup-Unit (= ensures consistency of RAID in case of loss of power)
  • Floppy, DVD ROM
  • 2x 650 Watt redundant Power supply
  • External UPS for the entire server (provided by BGBM through installation rack)