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The biowiki farm is a shared technical service platform used by multiple projects or organisations for non-commercial dissemination of biological open-content data. Applications of projects for use of the biowikifarm platform (setting up a mediawiki installation for your purposes on the biowikifarm) are welcome.

The actual service operation of the biowikifarm is guaranteed by a service sponsorship consortium, consisting of:

The goal of the service sponsorship is to establish good service quality and a long-term infrastructure that goes beyond the goals of individual and sometimes short-lived projects. Each service sponsor keeps a backup copy of the entire setup (currently a single virtual machine). Furthermore, each service sponsor has access to all necessary security information (virtual machine backup access, root access for extended backup, domain name management access). Details on the responsibilities, governance and conflict resolution or on entering and leaving the Service sponsor partnership can be found in the Service Sponsorship Charter.

By sharing the responsibility in the operation, the service sponsors further express their interest in building trust in the community, that a single service sponsor will not exert control over the content authors of projects beyond what is legally required (e. g., removal of illegal content).

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