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Cirsium edule   var. macounii Sida. 21: 213. 2004.

Macoun’s thistle

Heads often densely crowded at stem tips. Peduncles 0–5(–10) cm. Involucres 2–4 × 2.5–4 cm, usually densely arachnoid. Phyllary apices widely spreading, long-acicular, spines 5–15 mm. Corollas (15–)18–22 mm, tubes 7–11 mm, throats (4–)5–8.5 mm, lobes (2–)4.5–7 mm; style tips 4–5 mm. Cypselae dark brown, 5–6.5 mm; pappi 20–25 mm. 2n = 34 (as C. edule).

Flowering Jun–Oct. damp soil , mostly montane meadows , forests , alpine ;0–1900 m;Alaska; Oreg.; Wash.;

Variety macounii ranges from the coastal mountains of southeastern Alaska and British Columbia to Vancouver Island, the Olympic Peninsula, and northern Cascades of Washington, and the mountains of northwestern Oregon.