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We are distinguishing between four categories: data sources that we have direct control over; other data sources that the portal will query; other platforms that the portal will interact with (e.g. to request services from); and ontologies that we will use either to represent or reason over data.

Our data
  • FNA content
  • AAFC databases
  • SeqDB, Specify
  • local images
  • vocabularies, taxonomies, and matrices at etcsite, not public yet. Requires login credentials.

Other sources of data
  • Canadensys
Specimen data (Darwin Core with embedded links to the specimens)
  • GBIF
  • BOLD
Specimen data linked to DNA barcodes
  • Morphbank
  • Other Specify instances
  • Flickr
EOL group; other groups?
Other service providers
  • MapOfLife
  • OTO (Ontological Term Organizer)
  • FNA Experimental Semantic Search Tool
  • CFG (Configurable Field Guide)
  • GoldenGate
  • ETC
  • Morphster
(includes multiple crop ontologies)