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Achillea alpina +meadows  +, forest edges  +, roadsides lakeshores  +,
Achillea millefolium +woodlands  +, waste grounds  +, pastures meadows  +,
Achillea nobilis +pastures , disturbed roadsides  +
Achillea ptarmica +roadsides disturbed sites open fields  +, pastures in sandy or gravelly soils or in moist to drying silty soils  +
Acourtia microcephala +gravel and caliche soils in scrub oak , oak woodlands , and chaparral  +
Acourtia nana +gravel sandstone silty  +, caliche soils in desert scrub  +
Acourtia runcinata +juniper forests  +, oak woodlands  +, dry matorral  +,
Acourtia thurberi +gravel and caliche soils in warm sonoran desert scrub  +
Acourtia wrightii +gravel , caliche  +, or sandy loamy soils in open desert ( lower sonoran desert )  +
Acroptilon repens +riverbanks  +, ditch banks  +, clearcuts  +,
Adenocaulon bicolor +woods  +, forests  +, in shade  +
Agoseris apargioides var. apargioides +coastal dunes  +
Agoseris apargioides var. eastwoodiae +coastal dunes and beach heads  +
Agoseris apargioides var. maritima +coastal dunes  +, sand hills  +, beach heads  +
Agoseris aurantiaca var. aurantiaca +muskegs  +, stream and lake margins  +, various soils  +,
Agoseris aurantiaca var. purpurea +moist , subalpine meadows and forests to alpine tundra disturbed areas  +
Agoseris glauca var. dasycephala +moist to dry habitats , alpine meadows , montane forests , northern prairies , arctic tundra , in gravelly , rocky , and other coarse-textured soils  +
Agoseris glauca var. glauca +swales  +, steppes  +, clays  +,
Agoseris grandiflora var. grandiflora +sagebrush steppes  +, open oak or coniferous woodlands  +, chaparral  +,
Agoseris grandiflora var. leptophylla +moist to dry lowland prairies  +, coastal forests  +, open coniferous  +,
Agoseris heterophylla var. cryptopleura +mesic to dry habitats in grasslands , chaparral , oak woodlands , and open pine forests  +
Agoseris heterophylla var. heterophylla +wet to dry , mostly seasonal habitats in deserts , grasslands , chaparral , steppe , oak woodlands , and open pine forests , disturbed sites  +
Agoseris heterophylla var. quentinii +mesic to dry habitats in deserts , grasslands , and oak woodlands  +
Agoseris hirsuta +and coastal scrub-lands  +, mesic to dry grasslands  +, oak woodlands  +
Agoseris monticola +mesic subalpine meadows and forests to alpine tundra and rocky slopes  +, volcanic or pyroclastic soils  +
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