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Phase I

  • Data imported from CharaParse to Portal.
  • Every species page:
    • shows the corresponding treatment, in both text and infobox form.
    • includes an "Annotate this treatment" button.
    • includes a "Show all annotations" button.
Big question: How do users annotate a treatment? 
Option 1: An SMW generated form that generates AN OA annotation, stores it, and feeds it to an FP network.
Option 2: An FP java applet.
  • Users can query for annotations based on various parameters of the annotation (type of annotation; expectation of annotation; target of annotation; provenance; evidence; etc.)
  • Exported RDF uses identifiers that are "useful" on the semantic web.
  • SPARQL Endpoint

Phase II

As above, plus:

  • Every species page:
    • queries other platforms for images, specimen records, occurrence data, genes, trees, etc., and displays this data.
    • for each imported data object, there is an "annotate this object". As above, annotations are stored and fed to an FP network.
Question: Do we cache the imported data objects? Do we add the data to our triple store?
  • Some form of assistance for species identification (e.g. FNA character-based search)

Phase III

As above, plus:

  • Authors of taxonomic revisions can select annotation for acceptance, and the treatment is automatically updated accordingly.
  • Additional aids to species identification.
  • Key generation.
  • Field guide generation

Phase IV (?)

Custom views on data.