Habitat Ontology

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Julian has parsed FNA treatments to extract candidate ontology terms. We need to organize these in a way that improves searching for taxa based on habitat. In doing so, it probably makes sense to link in to other habitat vocabularies, which include:

Some notes on ENVO:

  1. What FNA authors call "habitat", ENVO (the Environment Ontology) calls an "environment". ENVO identifies three dimensions to an environment - biome, feature, and material. These dimensions are organized into type hierarchies, which can be viewed using OBO-EDIT.
  2. Some of this hierarchical ordering (mostly using the ro:is_a relation) is intuitive, and likely to conform with the world-view of FNA authors. Other components of the hierarchy are more arbitrary. For example, envo:meadow is a subClass of envo:grassland . This means that a search for meadows will retrieve grasslands, but a search for grasslands will not retrieve meadows. But some authors consider meadow to be a type of grassland!

Note: GBIF is developing a vocabulary management system, using current best practices such as SKOS and Linked Data. We may want to use the GBIF server to host the Portal's habitat ontology, and to manage mappings to other habitat vocabularies.