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Mutisieae as traditionally circumscribed is now considered to be polyphyletic. Molecular work has shown that Barnadesia and its allies, a South American group formerly placed in Mutisieae, constitute the basal clade of the family; they are now treated as a distinct subfamily, Barnadesioideae (K. Bremer and R. K. Jansen 1992). Similarly, J. L. Panero and V. A. Funk (2002) segregated two additional subfamilies from Mutisieae (based on Gochnatia and on Hecastocleis). Mutisieae in the broad sense are centered in the New World tropics and subtropics and are relatively poorly represented elsewhere.

Facts about "Crupina"
apex architecturecontinuous +
apex shaperounded,truncate +
appendage shapeovate,lanceolate,linear +
array architecturecorymbiform,paniculiform,racemiform +
array arrangementaggregated +
base shapetailed +
body architecturesmooth,ribbed +
body architecture or exudationstipitate-glandular +
body external textureglabrous,glabrate,sericeous,velutinous +
bract architectureleaflike +
branch arrangement or shapelinear +
branch external texturehairy +
bristle architecturesmooth,barbellulate +
bristle architecture or shapeplumose +
calyculus count0 +
corolla architectureactinomorphic,actinomorphic,zygomorphic,raylike,2-lipped,zygomorphic,actinomorphic +
corolla shapeliguliform +
cypsela architecturemonomorphic +
cypsela shapecylindric,clavate,fusiform,turbinate,beaked +
floret architecturepistillate,pistillate,staminate +
floret positioninner +
floret reproductionbisexual,fertile,bisexual,bisexual,fertile +
flowering timespring,mar,apr,may,summer,jun,jul,aug +
head arrangementsingly,in,corymbiform,,,paniculiform,,,or,racemiform,arrays +
head count3 +
head reproductionhomogamous +
kind count1,2 +
leaf architecturepetiolate,sessile +
leaf arrangementalternate,opposite +
leaf positionbasal,cauline +
limb countlacking +
line count2 +
margin architecturecompound +
margin architecture or shapespiny +
margin external texturescarious +
margin shapeentire,dentate,lobed,pinnatifid,tipped +
pappus count0 +
pappus durationpersistent +
pappus shapesubulate,setiform +
phyllary behaviourfalling +
phyllary durationpersistent +
phyllary external texture or internal textureherbaceous +
phyllary fusiondistinct,connate +
phyllary sizeunequal,subequal +
receptacle architectureepaleate,paleate +
receptacle relieffoveolate,alveolate +
receptacle shapeflat,convex +
scale architecture or shapeplumose +
shrub habitclambering +
style external textureglabrous,papillate,to,hairy,,,branches +
style habitstigmatic +
style reproductionbisexual +
whole organism life styleannual,perennial +