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Most members of Vernonieae are herbs, subshrubs, or shrubs (Vernonia arborea Buchanan-Hamilton of tropical Asia may form trees to 33 m). They are characterized by discoid heads of bisexual florets with purple to pink or white corollas, calcarate anthers, attenuate, abaxially hirsutulous style branches stigmatic ± uniformly (rather than in two lines or bands) nearly to their tips, and pollen grains with regular, polygonal, patterns of ± spiny to smooth ridges. Centers of species concentration for the tribe are found in Africa, Madagascar, South America, and Antilles. In the flora, most species are found in the eastern and southern states of the United States. The plants are often associated with open, prairie or savanna-like areas.

Facts about "Arctotis"
apex shapeacute +
appendage shapeovate,lanceolate +
array architecturecorymbiform,paniculiform,scorpioid +
base shapesagittate,tailed +
body architecturesmooth,nerved,ribbed +
body external textureglabrous,hirsutulous,to strigillose +
body patternresin-gland-dotted +
branch habitstigmatic +
branch shapelance-linear,lanceolate +
bristle architecturebarbellate +
bristle fragilitystouter +
bristle height or lengthshorter +
bristle lengthlonger +
calyculus count0 +
corolla architecturezygomorphic,raylike +
corolla colorationwhite,ochroleucous,pink,cyanic,yellow +
cypsela architecturemonomorphic +
cypsela shapecolumnar,clavate,fusiform,prismatic,compressed,beaked +
floret count0 +
floret reproductionbisexual,fertile +
floret sizeenlarged +
flowering timejan,winter,apr,spring,may,jun,summer,jul,aug,sep,fall,oct,nov +
glomerule arrangementaggregated +
head architecturepseudo-radiant-or-liguliflorous +
head architecture or shapediscoid +
head arrangementsingly,in,glomerules +
head reproductionhomogamous +
leaf architecturepetiolate,sessile,petioles,winged +
leaf arrangementalternate,subopposite,opposite +
leaf positioncauline,basal,basal,cauline +
margin external texturescarious +
margin shapedentate,entire,lobed,dissected +
pappus durationpersistent +
phyllary behaviourfalling +
phyllary durationpersistent +
phyllary external texture or internal textureherbaceous,chartaceous +
phyllary fusiondistinct +
phyllary sizeunequal +
receptacle architectureepaleate +
receptacle external texturesetose +
receptacle relieffoveolate +
receptacle shapeflat,convex +
sap colorationmilky +
scale fragilitystouter +
scale height or lengthshorter +
scale shapearistate +
scale widthnarrow +
series count2,1 +
series positioninner +
style external texturehirsutulous +
whole organism life styleannual,biennial,perennial,liana +