Antennaria monocephala

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It seems reasonable to follow in part E. Hultén’s (1968) broad concept of Antennaria monocephala (R. J. Bayer 1991). Hultén circumscribed it as containing three subspecies. The sexual phase of A. monocephala (i.e., subsp. monocephala and subsp. philonipha) is known from southern Alaska, south of the Brooks Range, and to Yukon Territory and adjacent areas of the Northwest Territories and across the Bering Strait on the Chukotka Peninsula. Within his concept of A. monocephala, Hultén also circumscribed the presumably autopolyploid apomictic form of the species as A. monocephala subsp. angustata, thereby extending the range of the species across the Canadian arctic into Greenland and down the western Cordillera into Montana and Wyoming.