Antennaria howellii

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The Antennaria howellii (previously A. neodioica) polyploid complex is highly variable

   morphologically; four more or less distinct subspecies can be recognized within it. The sexual
   progenitors of the complex are A. neglecta, A. plantaginifolia, A. racemosa, and A. virginica
   (see R. J. Bayer 1985). Antennaria marginata may also be a minor contributor to the origins of
   the complex. A. Cronquist (H. A. Gleason and Cronquist 1991) included members of this complex in
   A. neglecta; I maintain, because these apomicts are of hybrid polyploid origin from among
   multiple sexual progenitors, they best not be included within the circumscription of any one
   sexual progenitor (Bayer 1989d).