Agoseris parviflora

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Agoseris parviflora is found in drier habitats from western Great Plains to eastern foothills of the Cascade Mountains and Sierra Nevada. This is A. glauca var. laciniata of recent authors. The inclusion of A. parviflora within an expanded A. glauca is based partly on the mistaken perception that those two species readily intergrade and that A. parviflora is a xeric variant of the more mesic A. glauca. Although hybrids between the two species occur, frequency of intermediates is no greater than that of any other species in the genus. Agoseris parviflora is known to form intermediates with A. aurantiaca, A. monticola, and A. retrorsa as well. This species exhibits some regional variations. In their extremes, these phases appear more or less distinct but they so completely intergrade that their separation becomes arbitrary.