Agoseris heterophylla var. cryptopleura

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Variety cryptopleura occurs on hills and ranges surrounding the Great Central Valley (it appears to be absent from the valley itself). It is ± sympatric with var. heterophylla, except that var. cryptopleura almost completely supplants var. heterophylla in the south Coast Ranges of California. Older floras treated this taxon as var. californica; more recent works have not recognized it at all. K. L. Chambers (1963b) demonstrated that var. cryptopleura is strictly allogamous and is not self-fertile. Varieties heterophylla and cryptopleura are differentiated almost entirely by corolla size, which appears to be correlated with breeding system; otherwise the two exhibit almost complete morphologic overlap. Corolla size in depauperate specimens of var. cryptopleura approaches that found in robust specimens of var. heterophylla. The two varieties still separate on corollas longer than the phyllaries in var. cryptopleura versus subequaling the phyllaries in var. heterophylla. The degree of introgression, if any, between var. cryptopleura and var. heterophylla is not known.