Agoseris aurantiaca var. aurantiaca

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Variety aurantiaca is widespread in the western cordillera and is disjunct in Quebec. Two morphologic trends occur within this variety. Plants of wetter habitats represent the typical var. aurantiaca; those of drier habitats resemble what past authors have called Agoseris gracilens (including A. gracilens var. greenei). There is a weak geographic trend to this variation, with the aurantiaca phase occurring mostly along the Rocky Mountains axis and the gracilens phase mostly along the Cascade Mountains-Sierra Nevada axis. In their extremes they appear distinct, but their intergradation is so complete that separation becomes arbitrary. Putative hybrids between var. aurantiaca and A. glauca, A. grandiflora, A. monticola, and A. parviflora have been collected.