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C. Oberprieler et al. (pers. comm.) have placed Arctanthemum in their Asian grade (Group II) based on the study by L. E. Watson et al. (2002), distinct from Chrysanthemum (conserved name, syn. Dendranthema); Arctanthemum was also recognized as distinct by K. Bremer and C. J. Humphries (1993), who included Hulteniella in it. Hulteniella is kept separate here (as done by Oberprieler et al.). In both papers, three species were recognized within Arctanthemum, as done by N. N. Tzvelev when he established the genus. Later, Tzvelev (1987) placed A. hultenii in synonymy with A. arcticum subsp. polare (as here). The status of the remaining species, A. kurilense (Tzvelev) Tzvelev, which has not been reported for North America, appears dubious and the taxon is not recognized here; it may belong with A. arcticum subsp. arcticum.