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Adenocaulon is well adapted for animal dispersal. The prominent glandular hairs on the

   cypselae are very sticky and cling readily to fabrics, fur, and feathers. The intercontinental
   disjunctions within the range of Adenocaulon are probably a result of dispersal of cypselae on
   the feathers of birds. Bird dispersal may also account for the intracontinental disjunctions of
   A. bicolor (in the Pacific Northwest, the Black Hills, and the northern Great Lakes region). An
   alternate hypothesis for the disjunctions of A. bicolor is a former transcontinental periglacial
   distribution that was broken apart by Holocene climatic changes.
Facts about "ADENOCAULON"
anther height or lengthshort +
anther shapeentire +
apex shapeobtuse + and acute +
appendage shapetriangular +
array architectureopen + and paniculiform +
base shapetruncate +, cordate + and hastate +
blade shapeovate +, triangular + and suborbiculate +
branch height or lengthshort +
chromosome count23 +
corolla architecturezygomorphic +, 2-lipped + and actinomorphic +
corolla colorationwhite + and ochroleucous +
cypsela architecture or shaperibbed +
cypsela shapeclavate +, obovoid + and beaked +
face architecture or exudationstipitate-glandular +
face external texturetomentose + and glabrate +
floret architecturepistillate + and staminate +
floret positionouter + and inner +
head architecture or shapedisciform +
involucre prominenceinconspicuous +
involucre shapecuplike + and saucer-shaped +
leaf architecturepetiolate + and sessile +
leaf positionbasal + and cauline +
leaf shapelinear + and scalelike +
lobe count5 +
margin shapedentate +, lobulate +, denticulate + and entire +
pappus count0 +
phyllary orientationreflexed +
phyllary shapeovate + and oblong +
phyllary variabilityequal +
receptacle architectureepaleate +
receptacle architecture or external texture or reliefsmooth +
receptacle external textureglabrous +
receptacle shapeconvex +
staminode sizeminute +
stem architecture or exudationstipitate-glandular +
stem external texturetomentose +
whole organism architecturerhizomatous +
whole organism life stageflowering +
whole organism life styleperennial +