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  • Who are the users of the Botanical Knowledge Portal?
 Plant taxonomists
 Molecular biologists
 Tree-users (phylogeneticists)
 All other biologists
 Border agents
 Policy makers
 Citizen scientists
 General public
 Searchers for authoritative names

  • What other platforms does the Botanical Knowledge Portal interact with, and in what ways?
 Filtered Push; Canadensys; Specify; Morphbank; Flickr; Morphster OntoBrowser.
 (Does the portal interact with Specify and Morphbank directly, or via Filtered Push?)
  • What reasoning services will the portal provide?
 Classification; ?
  • What other computational services will it provide?
 Mapping; services in support of taxonomic revision (?)
  • What functionality (currently supplied by other platforms) does the portal duplicate or exceed?