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Mini-documentation: Simple transformation of first parameter, changing a semicolon-separated list into a bullet-separated list (trimming a trailing semicolon if necessary). The intended use is in data templates to provide feedback to users on the correct use of semicolon as list seperator (especially if a comma instead of Semicolon should be avoided).

Recommendation: Call this like:

{{BulletSep|1=a; b ;c; d;}}

results in: a •  b  • c •  d

(Calling it without "1=", like {{BulletSep|a; b;c}}, will often but not always work, since any "=" in the text to be processed will break correct functionality.)

Programming comments: {{#sub:{{{1|}}}|-1}} returns last character. {{#sub:{{{1|}}}|0|-1}} returns full string except for the last character.