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To obtain a list of contributors for a wiki page the parser function {{#contributorlist: }} or {{#linkedcontributorlist: }} may be used. Both functions working in the same way except that the latter links to contributor’s user page. The results are alphabetical by last name[1] Here are some examples:

{{#contributorlist: }}  (default: current page, all contributors separated by comma)

produces for this page: Gregor Hagedorn, Andreas Plank

{{#contributorlist: Help:SemanticMW }} with an explicit page name

produces: Andreas Plank, Lia Veja, Gisela Weber, Bernhard Zelazny

{{#contributorlist: Help:SemanticMW | 3 }} starting with the 3rd contributor

produces: Gisela Weber, Bernhard Zelazny

{{#contributorlist: Help:SemanticMW | 2 | 4 }} (2nd to 4th contributor)

produces: Lia Veja, Gisela Weber, Bernhard Zelazny

It is also possible to use a different delimiter (for example “;” or “/”):

{{#contributorlist: Help:SemanticMW | 1 | 30 |  / }} contributors 1-30 separated by a slash “/”

produces: Andreas Plank / Lia Veja / Gisela Weber / Bernhard Zelazny
Note that white space is always trimmed, so one may have to use   for non-breaking space or   for normal space.

Finally we can also use line breaks in the delimiter:

{{#contributorlist: Help:SemanticMW | 1 | 30 | <br/> }} 

produces: Andreas Plank
Lia Veja
Gisela Weber
Bernhard Zelazny

Linking to the contributor’s user page is possible in the same way (having the same features as above):

{{#linkedcontributorlist: Help:SemanticMW }}

produces: Andreas Plank, Lia Veja, Gisela Weber, Bernhard Zelazny


  1. “last name” for sorting purposes is difficult to unambiguously define across all cultures. Here it is defined as: the last whitespace-separated word in the first part of the string prior to any brackets or commas. Example (word recognized as last name in bold): “John M. Smith-Wesson (Ph.D.)”, “Smith-Wesson, John M.”, Roberta Morido Castellan. Note that the last example may be a case of erroneous sorting, which is difficult to automate.