Cirsium inamoenum

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Cirsium inamoenum is a variable complex across the northern Great Basin and adjacent mountains. A. Cronquist (1994) treated this complex as a single species under the name C. subniveum without infraspecific taxa and including taxa that formerly had been assigned to C. utahense (e.g., J. T. Howell 1960b). Some populations consist of small-headed, white-flowered plants with strong involucres and short, appressed phyllaries. Others have larger heads, white or lavender to pink-purple corollas, and phyllaries with longer, ascending to spreading tips. My treatment of this complex as C. inamoenum is similarly inclusive as was Cronquist’s treatment of C. subniveum, except that I believe C. humboldtense, which Cronquist included, is probably a derivative of hybridization between C. subniveum and C. eatonii var. peckii. I have observed such hybrids on the slopes of Steens Mountain in Harney County, Oregon, and the type of C. humboldtense closely resembles some of the introgressants. I have examined several other specimens that are likely the products of hybridization of C. inamoenum with other varieties of C. eatonii.

Facts about "Cirsium inamoenum"
apex arrangement or shapelinear +
apex orientationappressed +, ascending + and spreading +
apex positionouter + and mid +
apex shapespine-tipped + and spineless +
array architectureopen + and corymbiform +
base architecturespiny-winged +
base architecture or shapebractlike +
base positiondistal +
base shapedecurrent +, unlobed +, less deeply shapdivided than proximal + and divided than proximal +
blade arrangementseparated +
blade shapeoblanceolate +, elliptic +, unlobed +, spinulose +, dentate +, pinnatifid +, linear +, lance-triangular +, few + and lobed +
body shapeentire +
branch orientationascending +
chromosome count32 +, 34 + and 36 +
collar variabilitydifferentiated +
corolla colorationdull +, lavender-tinged + and bright +
cypsela colorationbrown +
face architecturespinier than basal +, winged-petiolate + and sessile +
face arrangementdistributed +
face colorationadaxial + and green +
face countpresent +
face external texturegray-tomentose +, glabrate + and tomentose +
face otherprincipal +
face other or positionproximal +
face positionbasal +, cauline + and mid +
face sizereduced +
head arrangementcrowded +
involucre external textureglabrous + and floccose +
involucre shapeovoid +, hemispheric + and campanulate +
phyllary arrangementimbricate +
phyllary colorationgreenish + and brown +
phyllary shapeovate +, linear-lanceolate + and linear +
phyllary sizesubequal +
spine orientationascending + and spreading +
spine widthfine +
stem external texturegray-tomentose +
stem orientationerect +
trichome architecturenon-septate +
trichome widthfine +
whole organism architecturetaprooted +
whole organism life stylebiennial + and perennial +