Foundation to support Research in Mycological Taxonomy and Ecology

Aus Studienstiftung Mykologie
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The non-profit Foundation ‘Research in Mycology’ (Studienstiftung Mykologie) was founded in 1995 by Walter Gams with the aim of supporting scientific work mainly by young biologists. The Foundation has its seat in Waltharistr. 11, D-50679 Köln-Deutz, Germany. E-mail: or

The Foundation mainly supports projects in the field of mycology, in particular taxonomy, ecology and phytomedicine.

Applications are screened by the Board of the Foundation concerning their scientific quality and whether they match the scope of the Foundation.


The Foundation supports projects by subsidizing costs to a limited extent in the areas of

  • travels
  • registration fee of congresses
  • course fees
  • costs of accommodation
  • printing costs
  • material expenses (limited)

The Foundation does not cover other costs of living or overhead expenses (bench fees) that are sometimes demanded by host institutes. No obligation to provide such support can be claimed.


The applicant (i.e. either the hosting scientist or the researcher to be supported, with confirmation by his or her supervisor) sends an application (no special form needed) to the Foundation at the above address or by email <>. In the application, the following are to be described:

  • The project: situation at start, planned work, and expected results. This is to be documented with literature data concerning the project and a list of relevant work by the applicant.
  • Planning of the work
  • Survey of required means, with documentation that the applicant could not find (sufficient) other supporting resources. The applicant is obliged to disclose the support received from the Foundation in the context of the whole project.

After completing the project, the applicant is obliged to supply a summarizing written report to the Foundation, which will be published on the Foundation’s Internet website. In addition, the results should be published in scientific papers and otherwise be presented in public. In publications that were made possible wholly or partly thanks to the Foundation, this support must be acknowledged.

Material collected during travels and expeditions supported by the Foundation must be reliably documented and preserved. It must be ascertained that this material is deposited in an official institute (herbarium, culture collection) that offers the possibility of loan or acquisition. It must not remain in the private herbarium or culture collection of the scientist or his or her supervisor.

Selection of projects supported thus far

  • Taxonomic investigation of Puccinia species parasitic on Poaceae in Iran
  • Investigation on fungicolous species of the genus Verticillium using morphology and molecules
  • Report on the first symposium of ecologists oft he Republic of Montenegro
  • Recent advances and future prospects of peptaibiotics
  • The hyphomycete Teberdinia and related anamorphs of Pseudeurotium