K2N-DCMI-Europeana Metadata Elements Mapping

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K2N-DCMI-Europeana metadata elements mappings
No. K2Ns Semantic Elements K2N Source Fedora Commons datastream and namespace DCMI Elements Europeana’s Semantic elements
1. Type dc:type DC, oai_dc DC:type DC:type
1.1. Type:Provider dc:type DC, oai_dc DC:type europeana:provider
2. Subtype k2n:Subtype RELS-EXT, k2n DC:type DC:type
3. Interactivity k2n:Interactivity RELS-EXT, k2n DC:type DC:type
4. Offline Use k2n:Offline_Use RELS-EXT, k2n DC:type DC:type
5. Host Application k2n:Host_Application RELS-EXT, k2n DC:type DC:type
6. Target System k2n:Target_System RELS-EXT, k2n DC:type DC:type
7. Title k2n:title DC, oai_dc DC:title DC:title
8. RELS-EXT, k2n DC:title DC:title
9. Description k2n:Description RELS-EXT, k2n DC:description DC:description
10. Caption k2n:Caption RELS-EXT, k2n DC:description DC:description
11. Content Modification k2n:Content_Modification RELS-EXT, k2n DC:description DC:description
12. Creation Technique k2n:Creation_Technique RELS-EXT, k2n DC:description DC:description
13. Resource ID k2n:Resource_ID RELS-EXT, k2n DC:identifier DC:identifier
14. Service Attribution URI k2n:Service_Attribution_URI RELS-EXT, k2n DC:relation europeana:isShownAt
15. Secondary Service URIs k2n:Secondary_Service_URI RELS-EXT, k2n DC:relation DC:relation
16. Collection By Resource ID k2n:Collection_By_Resource_ID RELS-EXT, k2n DC:relation europeana:isPartOf
17. k2n:Copyright_Statement RELS-EXT, k2n DC:rights DC:rights
18. License Statement k2n:License_Statement RELS-EXT, k2n DC:rights DC:rights
19. License URL k2n:License_URL RELS-EXT, k2n DC:rights DC:rights
20. Best Quality Availability k2n:Best_Quality_Availability RELS-EXT, k2n DC:rights DC:rights
21. Good Quality Availability k2n:Good_Quality_Availability RELS-EXT, k2n DC:rights DC:rights
21.1 Medium Quality Availability k2n:Medium_Quality_Availability RELS-EXT, k2n DC:rights DC:rights
21.2 Lower Quality Availability k2n:Lower_Quality_Availability RELS-EXT, k2n DC:rights DC:rights
21.3 Normal Preview Availability k2n:Normal_Preview_Availability RELS-EXT, k2n DC:rights DC:rights
21.4 Tiny Preview Availability k2n:Tiny_Preview_Availability RELS-EXT, k2n DC:rights DC:rights
22.5 Rating k2n:Rating RELS-EXT, k2n DC:rights DC:rights
23. k2n:Copyright_Owner RELS-EXT, k2n DC:rights DC:rights
24. Creators k2n:Creators RELS-EXT, k2n DC:creator DC:creator
25. Contributors k2n:Contributors RELS-EXT, k2n DC:creator DC:creator
26. Attribution Statement k2n:Attribution_Statement RELS-EXT, k2n DC:creator DC:creator
27. Attribution Logo URL k2n:Attribution_Logo_URL RELS-EXT, k2n DC:creator DC:creator
28. RELS-EXT, k2n DC:creator DC:creator
29. Metadata Creator k2n:Metadata_Creator RELS-EXT, k2n DC:creator DC:creator
30. Metadata Manager k2n:Metadata_Manager RELS-EXT, k2n DC:creator DC:creator
31. RELS-EXT, k2n DC:creator DC:creator
32. Reviewer Names k2n:Reviewer_Names RELS-EXT, k2n DC:creator DC:creator
33. Reviewer Comments k2n:Reviewer_Comments RELS-EXT, k2n DC:creator DC:creator
34. Language dc:language DC, oai_dc DC:language DC:language
35. Metadata Language k2n:Metadata_Language RELS-EXT, k2n DC:language DC:language
36. Original Creation Date k2n:Original_Creation_Date RELS-EXT, k2n DC:date DC:date
37. Digitization Date k2n:Digitization_Date RELS-EXT, k2n DC:date DC:date
38. Modified k2n:Modified RELS-EXT, k2n DC:date DC:date
39. Metadata Modified k2n:Metadata_Modified RELS-EXT, k2n DC:date DC:date
40. Audience k2n:Audience RELS-EXT, k2n DC:coverage DC:coverage
41. World Region k2n:World_Region RELS-EXT, k2n DC:coverage DC:coverage
42. Country Names k2n:Country_Names RELS-EXT, k2n DC:coverage DC:coverage
43. Country Codes k2n:Country_Codes RELS-EXT, k2n DC:coverage DC:coverage
44. State or Province k2n:State_or_Province RELS-EXT, k2n DC:coverage DC:coverage
45. County or Subprovince k2n:County_or_Subprovince RELS-EXT, k2n DC:coverage DC:coverage
46. City or Place Name k2n:City_or_Place_Name RELS-EXT, k2n DC:coverage DC:coverage
47. Locality k2n:Locality RELS-EXT, k2n DC:coverage DC:coverage
48. Geocoordinates k2n:Geocoordinates RELS-EXT, k2n DC:coverage DC:coverage
49. Elevation k2n:Elevation RELS-EXT, k2n DC:coverage DC:coverage
50. Depth k2n:Depth RELS-EXT, k2n DC:coverage DC:coverage
51. Compass Heading k2n:Compass_Heading RELS-EXT, k2n DC:coverage DC:coverage
52. Subject Category k2n:Subject_Category RELS-EXT, k2n DC:subject DC:subject
53. General Keywords k2n:General_Keywords RELS-EXT, k2n DC:subject DC:subject
54. Setting k2n:Setting RELS-EXT, k2n DC:subject DC:subject
55. Taxonomic Coverage k2n:Taxonomic_Coverage RELS-EXT, k2n DC:subject DC:subject
56. Scientific Names k2n:Scientific_Names RELS-EXT, k2n DC:subject DC:subject
57. Identified By k2n:Identified_By RELS-EXT, k2n DC:subject DC:subject
58. Taxon Count k2n:Taxon_Count RELS-EXT, k2n DC:subject DC:subject
59. Cultivar or Race Count k2n:Cultivar_or_Race_Count RELS-EXT, k2n DC:subject DC:subject
59.1 Infraspecific Taxon Count k2n:Infraspecific_Taxon_Count RELS-EXT, k2n DC:subject DC:subject
59.2 Species Count k2n:Species_Count RELS-EXT, k2n DC:subject DC:subject
59.3 Infrageneric Taxon Count k2n:Infrageneric_Taxon_Count RELS-EXT, k2n DC:subject DC:subject
59.4 Genus Count k2n:Genus_Count RELS-EXT, k2n DC:subject DC:subject
59.5 Suprageneric Taxon Count k2n:Suprageneric_Taxon_Count RELS-EXT, k2n DC:subject DC:subject
59.6 Phylum Count k2n:Phylum_Count RELS-EXT, k2n DC:subject DC:subject
59.7 Class Count k2n:Class_Count RELS-EXT, k2n DC:subject DC:subject
59.8 Order Count k2n:Order_Count RELS-EXT, k2n DC:subject DC:subject
59.9 Family Count k2n:Family_Count RELS-EXT, k2n DC:subject DC:subject
60. Scientific Name Synonyms k2n:Scientific_Name_Synonyms RELS-EXT, k2n DC:subject DC:subject
61. Common Names k2n:Common_Names RELS-EXT, k2n DC:subject DC:subject
62. Associated Specimen ID k2n:Associated_Specimen_ID RELS-EXT, k2n DC:subject DC:subject
62.1 Associated Observation ID k2n:Associated_Observation_ID RELS-EXT, k2n DC:subject DC:subject
63. Association Info k2n:Association_Info RELS-EXT, k2n DC:subject DC:subject
64. Subject Part k2n:Subject_Part RELS-EXT, k2n DC:subject DC:subject
65. Subject Sex k2n:Subject_Sex RELS-EXT, k2n DC:subject DC:subject
66. Subject Life Stage k2n:Subject_Life_Stage RELS-EXT, k2n DC:subject DC:subject
67. Subject Orientation k2n:Subject_Orientation RELS-EXT, k2n DC:subject DC:subject
68. Published Source k2n:Published_Source RELS-EXT, k2n DC:source DC:source
69. Derived From k2n:Derived_From RELS-EXT, k2n DC:source DC:source
70. Format k2n:Format RELS-EXT, k2n DC:format DC:format
71. Best Quality Format k2n:Best_Quality_Format RELS-EXT, k2n DC:format DC:format
71.1 Good Quality Format k2n:Good_Quality_Format RELS-EXT, k2n DC:format DC:format
71.2 Medium Quality Format k2n:Page_Context_Format RELS-EXT, k2n DC:format DC:format
71.3 Lower Quality Format k2n:Lower_Quality_Format RELS-EXT, k2n DC:format DC:format
71.4 Normal Preview Format k2n:Normal_Preview_Format RELS-EXT, k2n DC:format DC:format
71.5 Tiny Preview Format k2n:Tiny_Preview_Format RELS-EXT, k2n DC:format DC:format
71.6 Page Context Format k2n:Page_Context_Format RELS-EXT, k2n DC:format DC:format
71.7 Exchange 1 Format k2n:Exchange_1_Format RELS-EXT, k2n DC:format DC:format
71.8 Exchange 2 Format k2n:Exchange_2_Format RELS-EXT, k2n DC:format DC:format
71.9 Exchange 3 Format k2n:Exchange_3_Format RELS-EXT, k2n DC:format DC:format
72. Best Quality Size k2n:Best_Quality_Size RELS-EXT, k2n DC:format DC:format
72.1 Good Quality Size k2n:Good_Quality_Size RELS-EXT, k2n DC:format DC:format
72.2 Medium Quality Size k2n:Medium_Quality_Size RELS-EXT, k2n DC:format DC:format
72.3 Lower Quality Size k2n:Lower_Quality_Size RELS-EXT, k2n DC:format DC:format
72.4 Normal Preview Size k2n:Normal_Preview_Size RELS-EXT, k2n DC:format DC:format
72.5 Tiny Preview Size k2n:Tiny_Preview_Size RELS-EXT, k2n DC:format DC:format
72.6 Page Context Size k2n:Page_Context_Size RELS-EXT, k2n DC:format DC:format
72.7 Exchange 1 Size k2n:Exchange_1_Size RELS-EXT, k2n DC:format DC:format
72.8 Exchange 2 Size k2n:Exchange_2_Size RELS-EXT, k2n DC:format DC:format
72.9 Exchange 3 Size k2n:Exchange_3_Size RELS-EXT, k2n DC:format DC:format
73. Best Quality Image Width k2n:Best_Quality_Image_Width RELS-EXT, k2n DC:format DC:format
73.1 Good Quality Image Width k2n:Good_Quality_Image_Width RELS-EXT, k2n DC:format DC:format
73.2 Medium Quality Image Width k2n:Good_Quality_Image_Width RELS-EXT, k2n DC:format DC:format
73.3 Lower Quality Image Width k2n:Medium_Quality_Image_Width RELS-EXT, k2n DC:format DC:format
73.4 Normal Preview Image Width k2n:Normal_Preview_Image_Width RELS-EXT, k2n DC:format DC:format
73.5 Tiny Preview Image Width k2n:Tiny_Preview_Image_Width RELS-EXT, k2n DC:format DC:format
73.6 Best Quality Image Height k2n:Best_Quality_Image_Height RELS-EXT, k2n DC:format DC:format
73.7 Good Quality Image Height k2n:Good_Quality_Image_Height RELS-EXT, k2n DC:format DC:format
73.8 Medium Quality Image Height k2n:Medium_Quality_Image_Height RELS-EXT, k2n DC:format DC:format
73.9 Lower Quality Image Height k2n:Lower_Quality_Image_Height RELS-EXT, k2n DC:format DC:format
73.10 Normal Preview Image Height k2n:Normal_Preview_Image_Height RELS-EXT, k2n DC:format DC:format
73.11 Tiny Preview Image Height k2n:Tiny_Preview_Image_Height RELS-EXT, k2n DC:format DC:format
74. Best Quality Duration k2n:Best_Quality_Duration RELS-EXT, k2n DC:format DC:format
74.1 Good Quality Duration k2n:Good_Quality_Duration RELS-EXT, k2n DC:format DC:format
74.2 Medium Quality Duration k2n:Medium_Quality_Duration RELS-EXT, k2n DC:format DC:format
74.3 Lower Quality Duration k2n:Lower_Quality_Duration RELS-EXT, k2n DC:format DC:format
74.4 Normal Preview Duration k2n:Normal_Preview_Duration RELS-EXT, k2n DC:format DC:format
74.5 Tiny Preview Duration k2n:Tiny_Preview_Duration RELS-EXT, k2n DC:format DC:format
75. ID Tool Structure k2n:ID_Tool_Structure RELS-EXT, k2n DC:format DC:format
76. Best Quality URI k2n:Best_Quality_URI RELS-EXT, k2n DC:identifier europeana:object
77. Good Quality URI k2n:Good_Quality_URI RELS-EXT, k2n DC:identifier europeana:uri
78. Medium Quality URI k2n:Medium_Quality_URI RELS-EXT, k2n DC:identifier europeana:uri
79. Lower Quality URI k2n:Lower_Quality_URI RELS-EXT, k2n DC:identifier europeana:uri
80. Normal Preview URI k2n:Normal_Preview_URI RELS-EXT, k2n DC:identifier europeana:uri
81. Tiny Preview URI k2n:Tiny_Preview_URI RELS-EXT, k2n DC:identifier europeana:uri
82. Page Context URI k2n:Page_Context_URI RELS-EXT, k2n DC:source europeana:isShownAt
83. Exchange 1 URI k2n:Exchange_1_URI RELS-EXT, k2n DC:format DC:format
83.1 Exchange 2 URI k2n:Exchange_2_URI RELS-EXT, k2n DC:format DC:format
83.2 Exchange 3 URI k2n:Exchange_3_URI RELS-EXT, k2n DC:format DC:format
84. Identifier dc:identifier DC, oai_dc,Fedora Commons PID DC:identifier DC:identifier
85. isMemberOf fedora:isMemberOf RELS-EXT, fedora DC:relation europeana:isPartOf
86. serviceProvidedBy fedora:serviceProvidedBy RELS-EXT, fedora DC:relation Without correspondence